Nailah Blackman Shares "Sidung Pon It"

 In only five short years, Trinidad and Tobago diva Nailah Blackman has sung her way into the hearts of people all over the globe and established herself as a Caribbean leader via her music, style, and personality.

Nailah was born into a musical family and is the renowned Ras Shorty I, the father of soca music. She also plays many instruments and creates and composes music.

Nailah, who had to leave her home for over a year due to the epidemic, returned to Trinidad in early 2022 to resume her normal program of practicing, recording, and performing at various locations around the city. Along with two of the top musicians dominating the Caribbean dance industry, Fatherphillis from Barbados and Salty from Trinidad, Bum Bum Bum was born when Nailah saw that the vibe wasn't the same. It is a song about independence.

The song's rhythm deviates from Nailah's usual style; it has a baile funk finish with an intriguing blend of sounds and components that is evocative of Trinidadian music production. The UK-based Team Salut produced the album, and the song is about being utterly shameless, unhinged, untamed, and embracing the party atmosphere.
Nailah Blackman Shares "Sidung Pon It" Nailah Blackman Shares "Sidung Pon It" Reviewed by Michael on 10:22 AM Rating: 5

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