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Brooklyn is home to great rappers, from Biggie Smalls to Jay-Z to Fabolous. 
From the Clinton Hills-Bedstuy section  of the city also hails Blizz Vito aka CEO Blizz Vito repping his Borough with vibrant street lyrics and melodies.

When asked to describe his sound, he answers, “I am talking for all those that came up wanting more, all the young trappers and painting pictures with words while staying genuine.” This means his music spans the spectrum from drill music to soulful reflective thoughts his humble roots to rising above the chaos of the streets and being a boss.

What’s it mean to be from Brooklyn?

Blizz Vito: Brooklyn is the Mecca because some of the greatest rappers ever in the  world came from Brooklyn. It is special because you have so many hungry rappers that want to be the best and become that next great rapper. Biggie and Jay-Z are like Michael Jordan and Lebron James.  They set the standard and you want to be up there one day where your name is mentioned with the greats.

What was life like  growing up?

Blizz Vito: Not too sound stereotypical but you know that you are fortunate in Brooklyn if you are a black male and you make it to reach 21 years old and you are not in jail or dead.  It’s not an easy road. I have seen it all and once you come out of this environment then you can only become stronger. You want to make everything count for all the people that never made it.

Were you in the streets?

Blizz Vito: I don’t believe in snitching on yourself. Too many rappers catching cases like disclosing illegal activities has no consequences. I am not about to go divulge my street life on VladTv or in the media when Feds are watching rappers. I lived life to survive and do things that would lead to better opportunities. You know everybody talks trapping but it takes a certain mentality to move beyond your past life.  Some people try to mix the two worlds but they realize the two can’t exist.  If you stay in the streets all the time something bad is going to happen especially since many people have no honor or integrity.

Why are you the voice of the streets?

Blizz Vito: I am talking life and reality and conveying thoughts about success without selling your soul.    You know you can’t believe someone is trapping then they are rapping and clowning themselves for any latest trends.  That is not believable.  You can believe someone like me who dropped out of college to talk about opps and street life because that is my passion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being independent? 

Blizz Vito: You control your destiny and retain your publishing and can make real money.  I know a lot of artists that cash out on publishing because they cannot wait six months or more.  Long run vs short run mentality.  I am a trapper at heart so I think long-term about what is my best move.  Independent is about control and making money.  You see Jay-Z on Forbes and Fortune because he is an owner.  I am a trapper and not a worker so the only downside of being Independent is that you can’t wait on someone to push you and you got to push yourself but I am always self-motivated so I am good. Major label deals is like work on consignment you borrowed and you have to payback.  I like the feeling of owning the product and knowing I got to push product to make money that’s how you make it.

What can we expect from you?
Blizz Vito: High Quality music. I have songs dropping back to back.  Visuals dropping with singles from December throughout the new year.  No let up.  Making classics everytime is the aim when I am in the booth.  “Opp Down” from 808 Melo and K.O.T.C. is next and the part two Ricky, Ricky is coming soon.
Instagram: @ceoblizzvito
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