Vineyard Cries - "Confessions" (Video)

The visceral lyrics of Vineyard Cries’ “Confession” advances the limits of acceptance.  A boom-bap classic with a haunting piano accompaniment combines with Vineyard Vineyard Cries’ reminiscence of other London based artists, from veterans such as Roots Manuva and contemporaries like Loyle Carner, while still standing out as an unique artist. There’s a power and gritty honesty in his verses that can only come from a young English MC who knows his background. The rapper has jet-set from the UK to the favelas of Brazil, and brought his stories and experiences with him. “Confession” carries a classic, 90’s rooted rhythm and perpetual flow of verbage. His lyrics are perfect on the track, going bar for bar with raw descriptions of his life, guilt, and struggles. Vineyard Cries incorporates issues such as mental health, stemming from his near-death experience, “I spent a week at the psych ward feeling like a cyborg.” Vineyard Cries continues to stand out against his contemporary UK counterparts with the fresh blend of classic rhythm and relevant subject matter.
Vineyard Cries - "Confessions" (Video) Vineyard Cries - "Confessions" (Video) Reviewed by Michael on 10:11 AM Rating: 5

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