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Mikhail Stukov

K Young

Mikhail Stukov: At what age did music first become of interest to you? 

K Young: Music for me started when I started singin’ and playin’ drums in Church when I was 4 years old @ Zoe Christian fellowship in Los Angeles. My mom was the choir director, I use to sit on her lap and watch her play the organ.

Mikhail Stukov: What has been the key to your success?

K Young: The key to my success has been the hard work I’ve put into my music that shows that I’m not boxed in or limited to just one genre of music.. My fans can look forward to a well rounded unique sound inspired by Oldies, country, pop, Hip hop and hussla music/ (jay Z, 50 cent, and Rick Ross) combined.. with westcoast/ worldwide gangsta shit (Dr.Dre, Snoop, and Crooked I) .. If that makes any sence.. LMFAO.. I just do me…and I will keep my success as long as God allows.

Mikhail Stukov: What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

K Young: I believe my biggest accomplishment to date is my company Magic Ink. I’ve come a long way form signing my 1st record deal when I was 9 years old w/ Babyface and Tracy Edmonds, as the lead singer of a group called 3rd Storee. We Toured all over the world w/ N, Sync, Britney Spears, Backstreet boys, etc.. Then I Signed a solo deal w/ super Producer Rodney Jerkins immediately after he completed Michael Jacksons invincible ablum.. He produced 8 songs on that album btw.. That’s how my writing career began.. My 1st writer credits were 11 songs in the movie honey w/ Jessica Alba which grossed over $200million in 2 weeks. And so much more and know that my experience will only take MagicInk to the top like I have always imagined.
Mikhail Stukov: What has been the most rewarding moment of your career ?

K YoungThe most rewarding moments of my career has been when I hear my songs played on the radio because I know that my hard work has been paying off, and there is so much more in store for me and the people and fans that have been down with Magic Ink since day one.. I know sometime in the near future my brand and vision will be something to recognize. I truly believe good music speaks for itself, travels oceans and translates into many languages.. To make it in anything, I think u just gotta keep goin, no matter what, if u really want it … “Easy” usually doesn’t last 2 long…

Mikhail Stukov: Favorite movie ? and why ?

K Young: I’m a movie buff so I can’t just choose one, so I will give you my top three movies…
“The Matrix” “Scarface” “The Bourne Identity”
What can I say, I’m a typical guy and I love action movies..

Mikhail Stukov: Please tell me about your typical day

K Young: Usually I like to be in the studio recording new music to keep my catalog growing, I want it to be endless like 2Pac’s Catalog.. However, other days can be just as hectic closing deals and booking shows for tours in various places where I know I have fans such as: Australia, Dubai, Japan, Germany, Canada and back to America. Also my team & I are always promoting my new projects “Free Will” “Distinguished”and everything inbetween. Subscribe to my blog for updates or download my facebook app.

Mikhail Stukov: Any new projects coming out soon ? And what can we expect from this projects? 

K Young: I am currently promoting my latest album “FREE WILL” which was intended to be a positive message for the world. I will also be releasing my new mixtape entitled, “Hook Master II,” which is the second volume of all my features on songs with other big artists. I am excited for the Holidays because I will be releasing my Newest Album titled “Distinguished” and I truly believe that every song on my album will be a hit record, which makes for a classic album.
Mikhail Stukov: Which artists are you most eager to work with in the near future?

K Young: Rhianna, The Good Music camp, Kanye, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, YMCMB Camp, Stevie Wonder…

Mikhail Stukov: Thank you very much for your time K Young. Anything else you want to add?

K Young: Thanks for having me.. contact me via twitter @K_Young, facebook.com/K.Young.official , and my blog kyoungmusic.blogspot.com for all calendar updates, videos and new music. Stay tuned for anything Magic Ink.. Trust in the brand..

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